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Tether Strengthens ESG position

- Tether Overview

- Tethers Reserve Transparency, Reserve Diversification, Investing in Sustainable Bitcoin Mining

- Why Uruguay?

Tether overview

Tether is a cryptocurrency company that was launched in 2014. It operates as a stablecoin issuer, providing a digital token called "Tether" (USDT) that is designed to maintain a stable value equivalent to the US dollar. Tether is known as a "stablecoin" because its value is backed by a reserve of traditional currencies and assets.

The main purpose of Tether is to provide a stable digital currency that can be used for various transactions and trading within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It aims to address the issue of volatility often associated with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Tether has gained significant popularity and is widely used as a medium of exchange and store of value in the cryptocurrency markets. It is integrated into numerous cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms, facilitating liquidity and enabling traders to quickly convert their holdings into a stable value.

One notable aspect of Tether is its claim of maintaining full reserve backing, meaning that for each Tether token issued, there should be an equivalent amount of traditional currency held in reserve. This is intended to provide transparency and confidence in the stability of the token.

However, it's important to note that Tether has faced some controversy and scrutiny over the years, particularly regarding its financial backing and transparency. The company has undergone audits and faced questions about the composition of its reserves. As with any cryptocurrency investment, it's essential to conduct thorough research and exercise caution.

Overall, Tether has become a prominent player in the cryptocurrency market, offering stability and liquidity through its stablecoin, USDT. Its widespread adoption and integration into the crypto ecosystem have made it a significant digital asset in the industry.

Tether's Reserve Transparency

Tether's Q1 2023 Assurance Report

Net profit = 1.48 Billion USD

Independent Auditors' Report on the Consolidated Reserves Report

Download PDF • 464KB

Current Balance

Tether Reserve Diversification & Investment in Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Announcement

Tethers Reserve Diversification Strategy

Existing Bitcoin Reserve as at 31/03/2023

Tether's Excess Reserve Diversification

Plans to purchase more Bitcoin as part of excess reserve diversification strategy.

The company said it would allocate 15% of its net profit to increasing its Bitcoin reserves that back its USDT token. As it aims to stick to a 1-to-1 peg to the US Dollar.

Aims to keep BTC reserves value below the Excess reserve

Size of Total Excess Reserves at the End of Q1 2023

Tether unveiled plans to invest in Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Operations based in Uruguay in synergy with a licensed company.

Bitcoin Mining Facility to start operating in Q3 of 2023

Tether's recent expansion into the energy sector signifies its determination to establish itself as a global leader in technology. This move demonstrates Tether's commitment to both energy innovation and the future of cryptocurrency. By investing in renewable energy sources, Tether aims to support and advance sustainable Bitcoin mining, which plays a vital role in maintaining a robust and secure monetary network. To achieve this ambitious goal, Tether is actively seeking to enhance its team by recruiting professionals with expertise in the energy sector. This initiative represents a significant milestone, as it brings together the realms of energy and cryptocurrency in a harmonious convergence.

Paolo Ardoino, Tether's CTO, expressed the company's pioneering efforts in sustainable and responsible Bitcoin mining, leveraging the potential of Bitcoin and Uruguay's renewable energy resources. With an unwavering dedication to renewable energy, Tether aims to minimize the ecological impact of its Bitcoin mining operations while upholding the security and trustworthiness of the Bitcoin network. Tether takes pride in leading a movement that brings together state-of-the-art technology, sustainable practices, and financial innovation.

Uruguay, blessed with rich natural resources, provides an optimal environment for the generation of renewable energy. This enables the establishment of wind farms, solar parks, and hydropower projects, ensuring a steady and eco-friendly supply of clean energy.

Benefiting from significant investments in energy infrastructure, Uruguay possesses a resilient and dependable grid system capable of meeting the needs of contemporary industries. This strong foundation serves as an ideal framework for Tether to embark on Bitcoin mining operations, guaranteeing effectiveness and sustainability in its endeavors.

WHY Uruguay

Uruguay, located in South America, is a country known for its stable political environment, progressive social policies, and beautiful landscapes. With a population of around 3.5 million, Uruguay is often recognized for its high living standards, strong social welfare programs, and commitment to education.

The country boasts a diverse economy, with sectors such as agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and services playing important roles. Uruguay is renowned for its agricultural exports, particularly in beef, wool, and soybeans. Additionally, it has made significant strides in renewable energy, with a substantial portion of its electricity coming from wind power.

Uruguay also prioritizes environmental sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to protect its natural resources and biodiversity.

Uruguay has emerged as a leading renewable energy producer, setting an impressive example for the rest of the world. Despite its relatively small size, the country has made remarkable strides in transitioning to clean and sustainable energy sources.

One of Uruguay's notable achievements is its significant reliance on renewable energy. Through a combination of strategic planning, favorable natural conditions, and supportive policies, the country has successfully diversified its energy mix. Wind power has played a particularly crucial role in Uruguay's renewable energy sector. Vast wind farms are spread across the country, taking advantage of its strong and consistent winds. These wind farms have contributed to a substantial increase in clean energy generation.

In addition to wind power, Uruguay has also tapped into other renewable energy sources. Solar energy has witnessed rapid growth, with the installation of solar farms and a growing number of rooftop solar panels. Hydropower is another significant contributor, with Uruguay utilizing its rivers and reservoirs to generate clean electricity.

Uruguay's commitment to renewable energy has yielded impressive results. It has achieved a remarkable level of energy self-sufficiency, with renewable sources accounting for a substantial portion of its total energy consumption. In fact, the country has been able to generate surplus renewable energy, exporting the excess to neighboring countries.

The success of Uruguay's renewable energy sector can be attributed to a combination of factors. Strong government support, long-term planning, attractive investment policies, and favorable natural resources have all contributed to its achievements. Furthermore, the involvement of private sector companies and international partnerships has helped drive innovation and expand renewable energy infrastructure.

Uruguay's experience as a top renewable energy producer serves as an inspiration to other nations seeking to transition to clean and sustainable energy systems. It demonstrates that even relatively small countries can make significant strides towards reducing dependence on fossil fuels and embracing a greener future.

Ministry of Industry and Energy (National Balance Report 2021)

Why Tether chose Uruguay

Tether's entry into energy-conscious initiatives within the crypto space represents a bold move towards establishing itself as a leading technology company. With a vision that encompasses finance, communication, and the energy industry, Tether aims to become a tech leader with a comprehensive presence across these sectors. By integrating energy-conscious practices into its operations, Tether is committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the world of cryptocurrencies. This strategic initiative reflects Tether's ambition to shape the future of technology, while embracing responsible and forward-thinking approaches in the realms of finance, communication, and energy.


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