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Optimism Bedrock Upgrade

The highly anticipated Bedrock upgrade of the Layer 2 scaling solution, Optimism, was successfully implemented on June 6. As a result, transaction fees have been significantly reduced, network security has been enhanced, and compatibility with Ethereum has been improved.

As communicated through a Twitter thread on May 15, the Optimism team successfully conducted the planned upgrade on June 6, resulting in two to four hours of temporary downtime. During this period, transactions, deposits, and withdrawals were unavailable, and the progression of the OP Mainnet chain was temporarily halted, as mentioned in the accompanying blog post.

Official Twitter Announcement of downtime on 15 May 2023

Optimism's bedrock hard fork was the first major upgrade of the L2 Scaling Solution. The whole process was decided via voting by the Optimism governance council’s Token House. OP Labs is said to reap 47% cost savings post-upgrade.

Bedrock enhances its predecessor by implementing optimized batch compression and utilizing Ethereum as a data availability layer, resulting in reduced transaction fees. It also addresses delays in including L1 transactions in rollups by handling L1 reorganizations more effectively.

The network and ultimately users will benefit from shorter deposit time as it is reduced from 10 minutes to 3 minutes.

Node Performance & Optimism Virtual Machine (OVM)

Post bedrock Optimism's network will be more aligned to EVM. Pre-Upgrade Optimism EVM had multiple deviations from Ethereum. Examples are design patterns, differing code and transaction-per-block models. Bedrock also adds support to chain-reorgs, EIP-1559 and other Ethereum features present on L1.

OP Mainnet’s upgrade to Bedrock was set for June 6, 202,3 at 16:00 UTC!

The required 2-4 hours of downtime for OP Mainnet.

The network was down for two to four hours on June 6



Quarmby, B. (2023) Optimism’s major ‘bedrock’ upgrade set for June 6, Cointelegraph. Available at: (Accessed: 11 June 2023).

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