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Ethereum Foundation Disposes ETH

Periodically, the Foundation engages in token sales to fund its expenses, resulting in temporary market sell-off events.

The recent dip in Ether prices, a decrease of approximately 1.5% over the last few hours, appears to be linked to trading activity involving a wallet that is believed to be associated with the Ethereum Foundation.

This wallet, identified as "0x9eE457023bB3De16D51A003a247BaEaD7fce313D," conducted a transaction selling more than 1,700 ETH for a total of $2.7 million in USDC on Monday, as reported by Arkham data. Notably, this wallet is categorized as a "Grant Provider" on Etherscan, a blockchain tracking platform, and held tokens valued at nearly $400,000 as of Monday morning.

At the time of writing, the Ethereum Foundation had not disclosed any detailed information about their plans for the proceeds from this transaction. Despite this lack of information, traders responded to the development, causing Ethereum (ETH) to further decline by 1.8% over the past 24 hours, leading a broader downward trend in major cryptocurrencies.

The Ethereum Foundation is responsible for creating applications and software for the Ethereum network, but it is not an official or centralized authority that governs the blockchain's operations. Nevertheless, it wields significant influence and can affect token prices as well as the overall perception of Ethereum among investors and developers.

As of April 2022, the foundation held assets exceeding nearly $1.29 billion in ether (ETH), accounting for more than 0.297% of the total ether supply at that time. Additionally, it had approximately $300 million invested in non-cryptocurrency assets.


Malwa, S. (2023) Ether Slides as Ethereum Foundation Swaps $2.7M ETH on Uniswap, Available at: (Accessed: 9 October 2023).

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