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Binance Leaves Canada

Updated: Jun 8

- Strict regulation pushes Binance out of Canada

- Canada Securities Administrators' new guidance

- Binance Controversies

- Hierarchy of regulation in Canada

- List of crypto companies that are exempted and in-registration process

Strict regulations push the Founder's crypto operation out of his home country. Binance is withdrawing from Canadian Marketplace due to new Stablecoin and investor limits in the country.

CSA is imposing these conditions:

-> Source

Binance Controversies

Binance really tried to protect its Canadian users as it filed for paperwork to begin the registration process in March. However, that decision was overhauled as operating in Canada under these strict rules was deemed no longer tenable.

Binance announcing Departure from Canadian Marketplace

Hierarchy of Regulation

Ontario Securities Commissions

List of crypto companies that have received exemptive relief & under the pre-registration process

-> Source


Engadget (2023) Binance leaves Canada due to stricter crypto rules, Engadget. Available at: (Accessed: 14 May 2023).

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