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Apple kicked Metamask out of its App store

In a surprising turn of events, the widely used cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask has been unexpectedly delisted from the Apple App Store and unavailable since October 14th. The removal of this popular application comes without an official explanation, mirroring a situation from September last year when a different crypto wallet, Trust Wallet, faced a similar unexplained removal from the Apple App Store. Trust Wallet promptly addressed the issue and assured its users that a resolution was underway. However, MetaMask has not yet released an official statement regarding this recent development.

In an evolving narrative, the popular cryptocurrency wallet, MetaMask, has faced the removal of its mobile application from the Apple App Store. MetaMask boasts over 30 million active users and is widely recognized for its trustworthiness within the industry.

The reasons behind this removal remain undisclosed, and neither MetaMask nor Apple has provided an official statement. It's worth noting that a comparable situation transpired last year involving Trust Wallet, which also had its mobile application temporarily removed from the store but was later reinstated.

The Apple App Store has been a subject of both user and developer apprehension, particularly in its dealings with digital asset wallets. Notably, in 2022, Coinbase encountered challenges when attempting to launch a wallet application on the Apple App Store.

In an intriguing turn of events, Dan Finlay, the co-founder of MetaMask, expressed his views on these developments in 2022. He openly conveyed his support for Coinbase's stance against Apple's App Store policies, particularly their imposition of a 30% in-app purchase tax, which Finlay criticized as "a monopolistic abuse."


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